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A Social Content Creation Platform Based on Machine Learning

The BeMedia ContentRank combines quality content with new machine learning algorithms, merging a data driven approach with quality content.

The Technology

What We Do ?

Creators can use BeMedia's content scoring algorithms to predict their content's success before it is published and use our recommendations to optimize  the creation process! BeMedia also supports co-creation with collaborative tools set to harness the wisdom of the crowd for any story creation

The Platform

Our Recent Work

BeMedia 0.01 is out now

We are thrilled to announce that BeMedia 0.01 is alive (closed alpha). Among the capabilities of this version:

  • A content creation engine that supports three different content creation formats
  • Personal profiles
  • A basic points system
  • Feed streams by segment
  • Custom based feed for each user
  • Monetization tools 
  • Comments system

The Team

Formerly CFO at Haaretz Group in Israel, crafting the paywall business model. positions at Oracle, KPMG, COO at various Startup companies

Formerly Chief Technology Editor and CCO at ynet, the leading news site in Hebrew, Founder at the social news site

NLP, ML & AI Specialist, Award winner of Israeli Ministry of Defense and ILA , lecturer and vast experience in R&D

More than 20 years of experience in projects in various development methods, algorithms, design patterns, served as CTO in the fields of Advertising and Cyber.

Arik Ben Yair

CEO & Co-Founder 

CPO & Co-Founder 

Chief Scientist


Gal Mor

Dr. Yehuda Schnaps

David Israeli

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